Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What makes a good resume?

As a writer with nearly 20 years Industry experience, 16 years of which have been spent writing for clients with an extremely diverse range of employment needs, my experience shows that the results obtained from an effective résumé,  start a long time before the delivery of the actual document on the recruiter’s or employer’s desk.

It’s all about content; concise, defined, interesting information which will captivate and maintain the reader’s interest. As résumé writers we need to start at the source and gain critical information from our clients – the job seekers.

It is our clients who have the answers!

By conducting thorough interviews, with well considered and relevant questions related to a person’s career, the résumé writer will obtain the critical information required by the prospective employer.

A recruiter can not be expected to know or understand all the nuances of the myriad of professions and jobs that he/she will be expected to recruit for. It is an impossible request for even the most experienced. However, the mechanical engineer who has twenty years Automotive Industry experience and wants a similar position or even the next step up, with another car manufacturer does! Ask the right questions and you’ll uncover what is most important. Consolidate and craft the information, add a more finely tuned covering letter of application and the impact and ‘reader captivation’ should be secured within 15-20 seconds. 

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